Everyone loves a saving tip, no matter the subject. 

Here at Moto, we pride ourselves on keeping our prices low, so you get more for your money each time you travel with us. To help you out, here are some handy travel tips to help you save that have proven useful to the team at Moto Car Rentals, and we want to share them with you. 


Firstly, before you book flights, consider what location your budget allows for. A 30 day trip in an expensive location could look very different to a trip of the same length in a cheaper place. You could visit more attractions and spend more money on food and accommodation. 

Getting from A to B

When searching for flights, one tip is to go on Incognito Mode on your website browser, and use Google’s flight tool to find every flight via every airline on the days you’re thinking of travelling. Google will sort their organised list in order of cheapest to most expensive, and provide links to the airline to book your tickets direct. It’s a great money saver. If you are travelling by rental car, check out the Deals page on the Moto Car Rental website for the best deals on car hire savings before you book.

Daily expenses 

Our lifestyle tends to get a little fancier when we travel – we can’t help it, we just want to try everything! However, there is a way to be more conscious and that’s to stick to a daily amount. Before you go you’ll be more in the money-saving mindset, so to avoid our lavish temptations when you arrive, have a number in your head that you try to aim for everyday. Also consider local supermarkets for bread and milk, then your breakfast will be sorted. 


The obvious money-saving suggestion is to stay at hostels and backpackers, which are good-value. You could also rent a van/camper, and you’d be covering two things under one price – plus you’d get some breathtaking views. If either of those aren’t your jam, you could look at popular sites such as booking.comwotif.com and airbnb.com. Booking accomodation with kitchen facilities can help you save on food, and there are often rare finds in the off-peak season for cheap, you won’t know if you don’t look! 


Travelling at different times of year can impact your wallet very differently. The peak seasons to travel to New Zealand, for instance, are summer and winter. So consider the place you’re visiting, understand what they’re popular for, and that might help alter prices if you choose an off-season to go.