Moto is open for business at all traffic light alert levels in all three locations. To help keep customers and staff safe, we ask you to maintain the social distancing requirements of one metre at the branches, follow our signage when queuing, sign in using the NZ Covid Tracer app, and masks or face coverings must be worn at all times.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find important information you need to know when hiring a rental car with Moto Car Rental.

  • How do I book a rental car with Moto Car Rental?

    The fastest and easiest way to book is on our website.

    If you prefer, you can email us your booking information at [email protected]

    If you want to talk to someone, you can call us toll free on:

    • 0800 656 564 from New Zealand
  • Are Moto Car Rental’s prices all inclusive?

    Moto Car Rental has no hidden fees.

    Our prices are in New Zealand dollars (NZD) and include Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 15%, unlimited kilometres and standard third party and public liability cover.

  • How do I enter a Promo Code?

    If you have a promo or discount code, you must enter this on the homepage before you add in your booking dates and location information.

    Click either the 'Got a promo code' box on the homepage or the 'Got a promo code' link on the other website pages.

    The discount will automatically be added to the daily rate when you search your booking dates.







  • How do I pay for my rental car?

    When booking with Moto Car Rental, you don’t have to pay anything up front. However please give us a call or email us if you’d like to do so.

    Please note that we do NOT accept Cash as a form of payment.

    We accept:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • Credit cards
    • Debit cards

    These cards must show the main driver's name, signature and card number, with the applicable logo. Cash, prepaid and reloadable debit cards, gift cards and Travel cards, are NOT accepted for payment or to use as a bond for security purposes. 

    A credit card transaction fee of 2.2% for Mastercard and Visa and 4% for American Express applies to the total rental charges including GST (but excluding any Airport and Ferry fees and the GST on these fees) where a credit card is used for payment.

    A minimum pre-authorisation of NZ$400* is required as security on all Mastercard and Visa debit card payments, and a NZ$200 security pre-authorisation is taken on all credit card payments. All holds on debit cards funds are released upon return of the rental car if no damage or fees are owing on the hire. It can take up to 7 working days for your bank to operate the release. Please note this is a hold on a credit card meaning it doesn't show as a transaction on your statement. 

    *The pre-authorisation may differ depending on vehicle type.

  • What credit or debit card do I need to bring?

    The credit or debit card you bring with you to pay for your rental booking, must be in the name of the main driver. Only the main renter/driver's credit or debit card can be put down for security purposes also.

  • How do I collect my vehicle?

    Please note that all reservation confirmations contain full vehicle pick up information.

    Click here to find out more about how to collect your Moto Car Rental vehicle.

  • What is Moto Car Rental’s cancellation policy?

    We keep it easy for you. There is no cancellation fee.

    If you wish to cancel your booking please let us know.

    You can cancel your booking:

    • online by clicking on “My Bookings” and enter your Reservation Number and Last Name and select 'Find My Booking'. Select 'Manage Booking' under the image of the vehicle, and 'Cancel Booking', also under the image of your vehicle. Select 'OK' on the pop-up message and your booking will be cancelled.
    • Please note, bookings for car rentals cannot be cancelled online less than 24 hours before pickup. If you need to cancel less than 24hrs before the pick up, please get in touch with us via phone (see below).
    • by phone by calling us on 0800 656 564 for New Zealand
    • by emailing us on [email protected].
  • I can't find my Booking under 'My Bookings'

    The most common reason people cannot find their booking when using the 'My Bookings' online account is that they are entering the Booking Reservation number incorrectly. Please note that the R0ABCD Reservation number is the number zero (0) and NOT the letter O.

  • Am I covered in the unlikely event of a breakdown?

    Should you encounter any problems during your hire with us, please call us first on

    0800 656 564 (free from a public telephone).

    Moto Car Rental can provide you with all the help and assistance you need if anything should go wrong while out on the road.

    All our rates include: 24-Hour First Assistance.

    Mechanical problems

    All mechanical breakdowns are covered by First Assistance. This includes engine faults, cooling systems, electrical faults and vehicle recovery.

    Non-Mechanical/Driver at fault

    All call outs diagnosed as a non-mechanical breakdown at the time of the initial call, will incur a call out fee.

    This includes flat batteries (caused by accessories left on such as lights and doors not closed), wheels and tyres, lost keys, if you get locked out of your car or run out of fuel.

  • What accessories are available from Moto Car Rental ?

    The following accessories or extras are available and can either be pre-booked online or purchased at pick up:

    • Baby and booster seats
    • Ski racks (selected locations)
    • Snow chains (selected locations)
  • How different is driving in New Zealand?

    Driving in New Zealand can be quite different to driving in your home country.

    We work in association with the Safer Journeys programme to make our roads safer and we encourage you to take the time to read the useful information on the Drive Safe website.

    Test your knowledge on the FREE “NZ Driving Quiz” app available on the App store and on Android.

  • Can I request a certain make/model?

    We will note any request for specific vehicle models or body styles and do our best to provide the vehicle you have requested.

  • How old do I have to be to hire with Moto Car Rental? Is there a maximum age?

    You can hire a car with Moto Car Rental if you are at least 20 years of age and you hold a current, valid full New Zealand or International Drivers Permit.

    There is no maximum age to hire with us, as long as you licence is valid you can rent a Moto vehicle.

  • Is Moto Car Rental open on public holidays?

    Our Moto Car Rental branches at Auckland Airport, Christchurch Airport and Queenstown Airport are open every day except for Christmas Day (December 25).

    View a full list of our branch operating hours.

  • How many drivers can be on the agreement?

    Moto Car Rental includes two named drivers free-of-charge (including main driver) in the base rental car hire cost.

    Additional drivers (from the 3rd driver and above) are an additional cost of $5 per day, up to a maximum of $50.

    Extra drivers can be arranged on arrival.

  • How far in advance do I need to book my rental car?

    If you are travelling during the peak travel season in New Zealand (November to April), we would recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure the best rates and choice of vehicles.

    You can however book right up until the day of departure with Moto Car Rental if it suits, then simply give one of our expert Reservations Team a call on 0800 656 564 and they will let you know what car categories we have available.

    If you prefer to book online, we would recommend booking at least 3-7 days in advance of your planned pick up date during our Winter and Spring seasons, and as soon as possible for Summer bookings.

  • Are there any roads I cannot drive on?

    You can drive Moto Car Rental cars on any road except:

    • Tasman Valley Road - also known as the Ball Hut access road (Aoraki/Mt Cook)
    • Skippers Canyon Road (Queenstown)
    • Ninety Mile Beach (Northland)
    • Any roads north of Colville on the Coromandel Peninsula

    These roads are not part of normal touring routes and you will not be insured if you drive on these roads, or drive on any beaches or take part in any off road driving at any time during your hire.


  • What driving licence do I need to hire with Moto Car Rental?

    You can rent from Moto Car Rental with a full open New Zealand drivers licence only. You can not have been given a disqualification or suspension in New Zealand, as we will be unable to rent you a vehicle.

    If your drivers license is not issued from NZ, you must meet the below requirements:

    • you have a current and valid overseas licence and an International Driving Permit (this must be the physical card/permit and not in digital format)
    • if your overseas licence is not English, you must have an accurate translation
    • you will need the above documents if you came into New Zealand less than 12 months ago

    If you don’t meet all of these requirements, you must apply for a New Zealand driver licence to drive in New Zealand.

    The law requires us to sight your licence when you collect your rental car. No photocopies, scanned licenses or digital driver's licenses will be accepted.

    Restricted license's from either NZ or abroad can not be accepted.

  • Can I use my Australian digital drivers license?

    Australian digital driving licences (DDLs) are not accepted at Moto Car Rental. The DDL website states that the digital version does not replace the plastic card option, so please ensure you always bring your physical plastic card drivers license with you when travelling to New Zealand.

    NSW - see here for conditions on the DDL and overseas travel.

    SA - see here for conditions on the DDL and overseas travel.

  • Will my car have a USB / Bluetooth capabilities?

    At Moto Car Rental we take pride in offering the best value and as part of that proposition all of our new vehicle fleet are of the highest standard and come complete with all the technology modern vehicles contain. All of our new model fleet vehicles have USB and Bluetooth capabilities.

  • Will I get a refund if I return my rental car early?

    Refunds are not given for early returns.

    Your travel insurance provider may cover you if you return your rental car early due to illness or unforeseen changes in your travel plans, so you would need to claim the amount for the unused days from them.

  • What is the age/condition of Moto Car Rental cars?

    We have a a large fleet of rental cars with mostly new model 2017-2020 vehicles.

    Moto Car Rental’s cars offer great value for money for travelers who are budget conscious, but still want a comfortable, late model vehicle with all the benefits. This includes 24 hour Roadside Assistance, unlimited kilometers, two drivers included in the base hire cost, and unrivaled depot locations.

    You can be assured that all vehicles are meticulously maintained, groomed and of the highest quality.

  • Do I have to rent snow chains in winter?

    Snow chains can be an absolute essential when traveling in New Zealand during the winter months. As a result of motor vehicles being caught without chains in sudden snowfalls over winter in the Queenstown Lakes District and Milford Sound, a bylaw has been introduced.

    The bylaw states, "At the direction of an enforcement officer or authorised officer, the driver of any vehicle may be required to fit snow chains to such vehicle on any road, and no person shall drive, or direct or allow such vehicle to be driven without such snow chains fitted."

    Please be aware of this bylaw if you are going to be travelling in these areas during the winter period.

    Non-compliance will result in a $150 fine for Queenstown Lakes District and $750 for Milford Sound.

    Snow chains can be added for a total of $40 per hire.

  • How to fit snow chains the easy way

    This video from Cardrona Alpine Resort shows you how to fit them:

  • How do I install the baby and booster seats?

    The manuals, which include installation details for the baby and booster seats are found below:

    Evenflo AMP Booster Car Seat

    The Evenflo AMP Booster seat is recommended for children aged four years and above.

     Weight:  13.6 - 49.8 kg

     Height: 102-145 cm

     Age: at least 4 years of age

     Fit: Top of child's ears are at or below the top of the child restraint.


    Evenflo Tribute Convertible Car Seat

    The Evenflo Tribute Baby Seat is both rear and forward facing and is recommended for infants up to toddlers weighing under 18kg.


     Weight: 2.3 - 18 kg

     Height: 48 - 94 cm

     Fit: Top of child’s head is at least 2.5cm below the top of the child restraint seat back.



     Weight: 10 - 18.0 kg

     Height: 71–102 cm

     Age: At least two years of age

     Fit: The top of the child’s ears are at or below the top of child restraint seat back.