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Trans-Tasman Bubble

Welcome back to our Aussie mates! We are so pleased to hear the Trans-Tasman bubble will reopen on Monday 17th January 2022, so please see below for some key information regarding travel between Australia and New Zealand taken from

Fully vaccinated New Zealanders and other eligible travellers can travel to New Zealand from Australia without staying in MIQ from 11:59pm on 16 January 2022.

If you want to travel from Australia, you must be eligible to enter New Zealand. Check here to see if you are eligible. 

If the COVID-19 situation changes in New Zealand or Australia

If there is a change in Alert Level in New Zealand or the situation changes in Australia, and news websites will announce it. 

Reconnecting New Zealand — the next steps

Fully vaccinated New Zealanders will find it easier to come home from January 2022, with foreign nationals to follow from April onwards, as the Government removes the requirement for managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) for most travellers.

Closing our border was one of the first steps we took to keep our country safe from COVID-19 and it’ll be the last thing we open up, following our transition into the traffic light system system and lifting of the Auckland boundary.

3-step plan for entering NZ without going into MIQ
For details around when travellers can enter New Zealand without going into MIQ:

  • From 11:59pm on 16 January 2022, opening to fully vaccinated New Zealand citizens and those residence-class visa holders and other travellers eligible under our current settings from Australia (provided they have been in Australia or New Zealand for the past 14 days).
  • From 11:59pm on Sunday 13 February 2022, opening to fully vaccinated New Zealand citizens and those residence-class visa holders and other travellers eligible under our current border settings, from all but very high risk countries.
  • From 30 April 2022 onwards, opening to fully vaccinated foreign nationals (possibly staged by visa category)

Other eligible travellers
Eligible travellers include people who can enter New Zealand under current restricted immigration settings, for example:

New Zealand citizens and residence class visa holders and their partners and/or dependent children
the small number of temporary visa holders with a border exception — for example, critical health workers and other critical workers, people who have humanitarian reasons to travel to New Zealand, and people belonging to a class exception agreed to by Cabinet.
Further detailed information is available on the Immigration NZ website.

Border entry requirements |
Requirements for those not going into MIQ
We have a clear, simple and safe plan, including a mandatory period of self-isolation. The border will open in 3 steps, and all travellers who do not have to go into MIQ will still require:
  • a negative pre-departure test
  • proof of being fully vaccinated
  • a passenger declaration about travel history
  • a day 0/1 test on arrival
  • a requirement to self-isolate for 7 days, and
  • a final negative test before entering the community.

We always said we’d open in a controlled way, and this started with halving the time spent in MIQ to 7 days. Retaining a 7-day isolate at home period for fully vaccinated travellers is an important phase in the reconnecting strategy to provide continued safety assurance. These settings will continue to be reviewed against the risk posed by travellers entering New Zealand.

Further details on how self-isolation will be implemented will be made available in December 2021, and include guidance on how people can travel from their arrival airport to their location of self-isolation and requirements for the places where they can self-isolate.

What happens to planes in mid-air if quarantine-free travel is paused?

The government of the country the plane lands in will decide what happens to travellers in this situation.

If this happens to you, you may be required to stay where you are or enter managed isolation until you are given permission to continue your journey. You will need to meet the costs of this. Check the terms of your travel insurance to see if you are covered. Be prepared for the possibility of this situation happening to you.

Be prepared, and have a plan if your travel is disrupted

Community cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand or Australia could lead to the Government pausing any quarantine-free travel arrangements while it gathers information about the risk. You are responsible for managing any disruption to your travel due to COVID-19.

Have a plan if your travel is disrupted
Have a plan for what to do if your return to Australia is delayed. You may need to stay in New Zealand for longer than you planned, and you will need to meet any costs for this. Government assistance is unlikely to be available.

You may also need to enter managed isolation or self-isolation when you return to Australia.

You should get travel insurance
You should get travel insurance before you travel overseas. Read the travel insurance conditions and talk to your travel insurer if you are unsure about whether their policy covers COVID-19-related travel disruption.

For all the detailed information from the NZ Government regarding the Trans-Tasman Bubble please click here.

To read the NZ Government media release please click here.

Photo credit: Amelie Niklas Ohlrogge from Unsplash